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Approach lacking tactics is futile - strategic-planning


From time to time there seems to be a spell of studies and surveys on actual communication in the workplace. As a announcement specialist, I'm continually eager to read these studies, but am often disappointed with what I see. That's as they all seem to be about consultation strategy.

? We must put in place strategies to get our communication out to our a number of publics.

? We must have a consultation policy so that our image and reputation will be disseminated in the way we want it.

It all sounds so one-sided, and even worse, so one-dimensional.

According to my Oxford Dictionary, "strategy" is a forces term definite as "generalship, the art of war; management of an army or armies in a campaign; art of so affecting or disposing troops or ships as to be a nuisance upon the enemy the place and time and situation for fighting favored by oneself. "

That's all very well as far as it goes, but there are two problems. First, if your soldiers don't have the crucial skills to move the army along, they will never reach the strategic attitude in the first place. Second, if they don't have the appropriate fighting skills, they won't know what to do once they are in position.

In order to make use of a strategy, you need the other half of the equation: tactics. The same phrase book defines "tactics" as "the art of disposing armed or naval military in genuine commerce with the enemy". In other words, once your plan is in place, you must use tactics that will adapt your plan into results.

In today's complex, many-faceted workplace, too many courageous contact strategies fail, or at least complete incomplete success, as of lack of interest to tactics. By tactics, I mean the way we use practical announcement every day to get the work done. As I often tell my audiences, this is not about a system-it's about the skills of those using the system. If the soldiers are not taught in the skills they need to get to the place of meeting as well as to fight the battle, then where is the value of a strategy?

In agency terms, if employees at all levels don't have the skills to assign information all through presentations, all through person-to-person argument at meetings, by means of clear chat with the media, because of the in print word in all its forms, to cooperate with colleagues, customers and other stakeholders-then even the most ambitious approach is doomed to breakdown from the start.

Effective administrative center communiqu? takes two components: the will and the skill- and one is of no use lacking the other. Your sales force may be very agreeable to sell your products, but if they haven't been given the de rigueur skills they'll starve. Newly promoted, enthusiastic young managers may well have the will to excel in their new responsibilities, but not including the basic instruction how will they have the skill to run actual meetings, motivate their colonize or lead attractive teams?

Soldiers must be skilled to carry out forces tactics; employees must be qualified to communicate for practical purposes in all headquarters interactions.

This is why functional communiqu? is "The Concealed Profit Center". Find those chairs in your association where consultation is flouting down, and take a close look at what that costs in pecuniary terms. Associate the gone skills and bring the training compulsory to afford them. After a determined chunk of time, compute the savings in time, break and people: that's your Buried Profit Center, and you'll be amazed at how giant it can be.

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Helen Wilkie is a expert speaker, consultant and cause who helps companies save their money and colonize save their sanity all through change for the better communication. For information about "The Clandestine Profit Center", visit http://www. mhwcom. com/pages/thehiddenprofitbook. html While you are on the site, subscribe to Helen's e-zine, "Communi-keys", to be given free monthly announcement tips and techniques. Be in touch and Prosper!


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